First Appearance: January 6, 1983
Last Appearance: May 9, 1984
Portrayer: Tom Wiggin, January 6, 1983 - May 9, 1984.
Introduction Scene: To Felicia Gallant while driving her limousine, "Ms. Gallant, you see this run-down area we're going through?"
Exit Scene: In the Frame Construction offices with Abel Marsh, Quinn Harding, and Roy Bingham.
Birthplace: Bay City, Illinois.
Relatives: Marie Fenton, mother. George Fenton, father.
Lovers: Felicia Gallant (198*-1983) and Julia Shearer (RIP) (1983-1984).
Dates: Sally Frame (RIP) (1983).
Former Occupations: Felicia Gallant's chauffeur. Architect.