Dolph Sweet


First Appearance: June 20, 1972
Last Appearance: January 25, 1977
Portrayer: Richard Dysart, June 20, 1972 - July 18, 1972.
Charles Durning, July 21, 1972 - October 4, 1972.
Dolph Sweet, November 14, 1972 - January 25, 1977.
Arrival: Assigned to be Ted Clark's parole officer.
Departure: Left to find his son Tim McGowan (RIP) in Bolivia.
Introduction Scenes: (Richard Dysart) To Gerald Davis in his office, "Good morning. I'm looking for Ted Clark."
(Charles Durning) To Ted Clark, "Come on, sit down and make yourself comfortable."
(Dolph Sweet) Ada's kitchen in response to her calling him Gil, then Mr. McGowan, "I liked it better the first time. Ada, how are you?"
Richard Dysart as GilExit Scenes: (Richard Dysart) To Ada in her living room about looking after Ted Clark, "Can I count on you for that?"
(Charles Durning) To Ada in her kitchen, about helping Ted Clark, "There is. You keep in touch with me and let me know what's going on so we can keep it from getting out of hand, okay?"
(Dolph Sweet) To Ada, walking out the front door, "Hasta la vista, sweetheart."
Date of Death: January 1977.
Cause of Death: A mine explosion.
Place of Death: Bolivia, South America.
Other Whereabouts: New York (-1972).
Spouses: Marion McGowan (RIP).
Ada Hobson (RIP) (married on August 15, 1973. Dissolved in January 1977).
Relatives: Nancy McGowan (RIP), mother. Tim McGowan (RIP), son. Burt McGowan, son. Nancy McGowan, daughter. Nick McGowan, grandson. Sandy McGowan, granddaughter.
Former Occupation: Policeman, lieutenant.
Notes: The last known mention of Gil McGowan was on January 8, 1998 by Rachel Cory.

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