Last Appearance: May 4, 1964
Last Appearance: June 2, 1964
Portrayer: Vera Allen, May 4, 1964 - June 2, 1964.
Departure: Left to help her niece Jane, have her first baby.
Introduction Scene: From her bedroom in the Matthews' house, "Come in, Mary."
Exit Scene: To Tom Baxter (RIP) in the Matthews' living room before helping Alice upstairs, "You'll excuse me, Mr. Baxter."
Relatives: Will Matthews (RIP), son. Jim Matthews (RIP), son. Janet Matthews, daughter. Susan Matthews Shearer, granddaughter. Pat Randolph, granddaughter. Bill Matthews (RIP), grandson. Alice Matthews Frame, granddaughter. Russ Matthews, grandson. Marianne Randolph, great-granddaughter. Michael Randolph, great-grandson. Josie Watts, great-granddaughter. Olivia Matthews, great-granddaughter.
Spouses: * Matthews (RIP) (dissolved in 1959).

Granny with Alice and Pat