First Appearance: August 24, 1977
Last Appearance: November 27, 1978
Portrayer: Ned Schmidtke, August 24, 1977 - November 27, 1978.
Arrival: Bought a partnership in John Randolph's firm.
Introduction Scene: To Joan Barnard over the phone, "Joan, it's your big brother."
Exit Scenes: As Tom Baxter to Pat Randolph, "Just accept it, darling."
Lying dead on the floor of Pat Randolph's apartment.
Date of Death: November 27, 1978.
Cause of Death: Pat Randolph stabbed him to death with a letter opener.
Place of Death: His apartment.
Other Whereabouts: Philadelphia (-1977).
Relatives: Joan Barnard, sister.
Lovers: Marianne Randolph (1977, 1978).
Dates: Pat Randolph (1977-1978).
Occupation: Lawyer.