Jude Sullivan as GregoryJohnny Nelson as GregoryChristopher Gautieri as GregoryBlaise Garza as GregoryMorgan Hodgen as GregoryAlex Bowen as GregoryChristopher Marquette as Gregory


First Appearance:
February 18, 1991
Last Appearance: July 22, 1997
Portrayers: Jude Sullivan, February 18, 1991 - April 20, 1993.
Johnny Nelson, July 19, 1993 - November 24, 1993.
Christopher Gautieri, December 14, 1993 - April 1994.
Blaise Garza, August 1994 - January 1996.
Morgan Hodgen, January 1996 - June 28, 1996.
Alex Bowen, September 2, 1996 - October 24, 1996.
Christopher Marquette, November 1, 1996 - July 22, 1997.
Introduction Scenes: (Jude Sullivan) An abandoned warehouse, with John Hudson, Sharlene Frame, and Taylor Benson.
(Johnny Nelson) Hudson living room with John Hudson and Frankie Frame.
(Christopher Gautieri) The community center.
Birthday: (Former) February 18, 1991. (Current) April 10, 1989.
Birthplace: Bay City, Illinois.
Other Aliases: Gregory John Hudson (full name).
Relatives: Sharlene Frame, mother. John Hudson, father. Josie Watts, half-sister. Clara Hudson, paternal grandmother, Emma Frame Ordway, aunt. Steve Frame (RIP), uncle. Willis Frame, uncle. Janice Frame (RIP), aunt. Vince Frame, uncle. Jason Frame (RIP), uncle. Henry Frame, uncle. Michael Hudson (RIP), uncle. Gary Sinclair Jr, (RIP) half-nephew. Frankie Frame (RIP), cousin. Molly Ordway, cousin, Sterling Ordway, cousin. Wade Ordway, cousin. Jamie Frame, cousin. Evan Frame, cousin. Dean Frame, cousin. Vicky Hudson, cousin. Marley Hudson, cousin. Nick Hudson, half-cousin. Margaret * (RIP), paternal great-grandmother. Joe * (RIP), paternal great-grandfather. Charlie Frame Winthrop, second cousin. Steven Frame, second cousin. Kirkland Harrison, second cousin.
Medical History: Born in an abandoned building.