Jennifer Lien


First Appearance: July 10, 1991
Last Appearance: March 23, 1998
Portrayers: Jennifer Lien, July 10, 1991 - November 24, 1992.
Blakely Braniff, March 20-23, 1998.
Arrival: Came to live with foster sister Paulina Cory.
Departure: Left to attend college.
Introduction Scene: A hotel reception desk, about to forge Paulina Cory's signature, to the hotel clerk, "Is this where I sign?"
Exit Scene: The Cory mansion to Matthew Cory about him missing her, "You too."
Birthday: July 8, 1974.

Blakely Braniff Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois.
Last Known Whereabouts: Chicago.
Flirtations: Matthew Cory (1991), Jake McKinnon (1991), and Kevin Anderson (1992).
Former Occupations: Housekeeper for Iris Wheeler. Assistant at D & M Productions.