HELEN MOORE with Lenore

First Appearance: November 9, 1965
Last Appearance: April 8, 1976
Portrayer: Murial Williams, November 9, 1965 - July 2, 1968; August 24, 1970 - April 8, 1976.
Departure: Left to go on a cruise to cure her winter blues.
Introduction Scenes: (1965) To Katherine Corning (RIP) in her bedroom while reading a book and sipping tea, "Come in. Oh, Katherine you're home."
(Reintro, 1970) "Lenore...."
Exit Scenes: (1968) To Walter Curtin (RIP) at the Bay City Country Club accepting his invitation to dance, "I'd love to Walter and you came just at the right moment."
(1976) To Beatrice Gordon in the Cory Mansion kitchen, "Goodbye, Beatrice."
Last Known Whereabouts: Washington.
Other Whereabouts Florida (1968-1970).
Other Aliases: Helen Phipps, maiden name. [Originally named Helen Von Maur, then Helen Murray].
Relatives: Lenore Moore, daughter. Wally Curtin, grandson.
Spouses: Charles Moore (RIP). Died in 1962.
Dates: Jim Matthews (RIP) (1975-1976).