First Appearance: January 31, 1977
Last Appearance: February 9, 1978
Portrayer: Helen Stenborg, January 31, 1977 - February 9, 1978.
Departure: Returned to Sweden for protection against Sven Petersen.
Introduction Scene: To Rachel Cory in the Cory mansion, "You'd better call me Helga."
Exit Scene: To Iris Wheeler in the Cory mansion about returning to Sweden, "Perhaps that is the best solution."
Last Known Whereabouts: Norway.
Relatives: Regine Lindeman, daughter. Edvard, uncle.
Spouses: Knut (RIP).
Lovers: Sven Petersen.
Legal History: Reluctant participant in several of Sven Petersen's schemes over the years.
Former Occupations: Cory housekeeper.

With Sven