First Appearance: March 25, 1966
Last Appearance: January 12, 1967
Portrayer: Elissa Leeds, March 25, 1966 - January 12, 1967.
Departure: Moved to Springfield with her father, Michael Bauer.
Introduction Scene: On the Hastings' porch to Michael Bauer, "Can I go play in the yard, Daddy?"
Exit Scene: The Hastings den to Michael Bauer about moving away with Lee Randolph (RIP), "Why not? She likes you so much....I can tell...and you like her, don't you?"
Birthday: Hope was six in the summer of 1966.
Other Aliases: Named Hope by her mother in an attempt to find all the things she had missed in her own life.
Relatives: Michael Bauer, father. Julie Conrad Bauer (RIP, suicide), mother. Other relatives from originating soap, Guiding Light.
Notes: While the character was originated by Jennifer Kirschner on Guiding Light, child actor Elissa Leeds was hired to play the role on AW.