Stephen Yates Laurence Lau Russell Todd


Bobby Doran Richard Bekins First Appearance: November 26, 1969
Last Appearance: December 28, 1993
Portrayers: *, November 26, 1969 - December 24, 1969.
Seth Holzlein, January 30, 1970 - September 8, 1971.
Aiden McNulty, October 1, 1971 - November 2, 1972.
Tyler Mead, November 15, 1972 - November 30, 1972.
Brad Bedford, December 8, 1972 - February 1973.
Robert Doran, March 19, 1973 - June 6, 1978.
Tim Holcomb, July 24, 1978 - March 9, 1979.
Richard Bekins, April 25, 1979 - May 27, 1983.
Stephen Yates, August 3, 1983 - July 29, 1985.
Laurence Lau, September 26, 1986 - February 2, 1990.
Russell Todd, March 5, 1990 - February 26, 1993; December 23 - 28, 1993.

Tim Holcomb Aiden McNulty

Introduction Scenes: (Robert Doran) Frame living room, to Steve Frame about his electric blanket, "What's the red button for?"
(Tim Holcomb) In a Wyoming ranch bunkhouse.
(Richard Bekins) To Blaine Ewing in their boarding house room in Tulsa, "Time to get up, honey."
(Stephen Yates) To the guards in the Cory mansion driveway, "What's going on?"
(Laurence Lau) The hospital, to Brittany Peterson. "What's happening?"
(Russell Todd) An airport, to Rachel Cory over the phone, "It's good to hear your voice, Mom."
Exit Scenes: (Robert Doran) To Dennis Wheeler, in their loft, about going to Wyoming for the summer, "You call Mac, then I'll check on plane reservations, okay?"
(Tim Holcomb) Ada Hobson's kitchen, to Ada after agreeing to write Rachel a goodbye note, "Okay, then."
(Richard Bekins) Out of town at a pay phone to Rachel Cory, "I love you. Bye bye."
(Stephen Yates) Leaving a goodbye note for M.J. McKinnon.
(Laurence Lau) TOPS, to Amanda Cory and Sam Fowler, about Rachel Cory, "She looked good. I just- I think that she may be finally getting past Mac's death."
(Russell Todd) The hospital, to Kelsey Harrison about owing her a favor, "I'll remember."
Birthday: November 4, 1969 (original). 1960 (revised in 1981).
Birthplace: Bay City, Illinois.
Other Aliases: James Gerald Matthews (birth name). Named after Jim Matthews (RIP). (Used "James Steven Frame" from 1981-1983).
Last Known Whereabouts: London.
Other Whereabouts: Somalia, Boston, Massachusetts.
Relatives: Rachel Cory Hutchins, mother. Steve Frame (RIP), father. Steven Frame, son. Amanda Cory, half-sister. Matthew Cory, half-brother. Cory Hutchins, half-brother. Elizabeth Hutchins, half-sister. Ada Hobson (RIP), maternal grandmother. Gerald Davis, maternal grandfather. Willis Frame, uncle. Emma Frame Ordway, aunt. Vince Frame, uncle. Jason Frame (RIP), uncle. Janice Frame (RIP), aunt. Sharlene Frame, aunt. Henry Frame, uncle. Norman Frame, uncle. Nancy McGowan, half-aunt. Pammy Davis, half-aunt. Alli Fowler, half-niece. Jasmine Cory, half-niece. Frankie Frame (RIP), cousin. Molly Ordway, cousin. Wade Ordway, cousin. Sterling Ordward, cousin. Evan Frame, cousin. Josie Watts, cousin. Gregory Hudson, cousin. Sam Lucas, great-uncle. Susannah Lucas, second cousin. Charlie Frame Winthrop, second cousin. Gary Sinclair Jr. (RIP), second cousin.

Jamie's Women

Medical History: Had influenzal meningitis in 1970. Bitten by a snake in 1972. Was addicted to drugs and alcohol in 1981.
Occupation: Doctor. In 1979 Jamie was eager to join medical school and become a doctor.
Former Occupations: Novelist (A View of the Bay. It was made into a movie, with the screenplay written by Frank Fish. Derek played Jamie). Professor of Writing at Bay City University (Julia Shearer was enrolled in one of his classes).