Janet with Ken BaxterJANET MATTHEWS

First Appearance: May 6, 1964
Last Appearance: June 2, 1966
Portrayer: Liza Chapman, May 6, 1964 - June 2, 1966.
Departure: Took a job transfer to Los Angeles.
Introduction Scene: In her apartment, to Ken Baxter, "You saw me looking at my watch just a few minutes ago, didn't you?"
Exit Scene: To Pat Randolph, "Nothing you can say will change my mind, Pat. I'm going to California for the summer and I hope you'll wish me a happy stay."
Birthday: 1929.
Last Known Whereabouts: California.
Other Whereabouts: California.
Relatives: Will Matthews (RIP), brother. Jim Matthews (RIP), brother. Susan Matthews Shearer, niece. Pat Randolph, niece. Bill Matthews (RIP), nephew. Alice Matthews Frame, niece. Russ Matthews, nephew. Marianne Randolph, great-niece. Michael Randolph, great-nephew. Josie Watts, great-niece. Olivia Matthews, great-niece.
Lovers: Mike Connors (fiance) (1950s), Ken Baxter (1964-1965), and Ernest Gregory (fiance) (1965).
Medical History: Unable to have children after the presence of a tumor forced her to have a hysterectomy.
Former Occupation: Commercial artist with Young, Thompson, and Ross advertising agency.