First Appearance: December 25, 1987
Last Appearance: May 29, 1989
Portrayer: Chris Robinson, December 25, 1987 - February 27, 1989; April 10 and 18, 1989; May 18 and 29, 1989.
Introduction Scene: The community center, on bumping into Mary McKinnon, whom he thought was dead, "Oh, I am sorry. You okay? My -! I don't believe it. You're alive!"
Exit Scenes: (February 24) To Evan Frame, "Well, you thought wrong. I got no family, not anymore."
(May 29) In flashback with Nicole Love, "Oh, are you trying to play with me?"
Birthplace: Chadwell, Oklahoma.
Date of Death: February 27, 1989.
Cause of Death: Shot by Nicole Love.
Place of Death: Big Top carnival's palace of mirrors in Bay City, Illinois.
Other Aliases: Jason Earl Frame (full name).
Relatives: Jenny Frame (RIP), mother. Henry Frame (RIP), father. Steve Frame (RIP), brother. Willis Frame, brother. Emma Frame Ordway, sister. Vince Frame, brother. Janice Frame (RIP), sister. Henry Frame, brother. Sharlene Frame, sister. Norman Frame, brother. Rose *, grandmother. Molly Ordway, niece. Wade Ordway, nephew. Sterling Ordway, nephew. Frankie Frame, niece. Jamie Frame, nephew. Evan Frame, nephew. Josie Watts, niece. Dean Frame, nephew. Gregory Hudson, nephew. Sharlene *, cousin. Steven Frame, great-nephew. Charlie Frame Winthrop, great-niece. Gary Sinclair Jr. (RIP), great-nephew.
In an early appearance, Jason mentioned having five children, two of whom are named Terri and Allan.
Lovers: Elizabeth Love (RIP) (1969).
Flirtations: Mary McKinnon (1988).
Legal History: Though he claimed to be a career navy man, Jason had been dishonorably discharged on suspicion of treason for selling arms to the viet cong.
Former Occupations: Horse trainer for the Love family. Career naval officer for 20 years. Construction worker.