First Appearance: March 14, 1983
Last Appearance: August 12, 1983
Portrayer: Betty Miller, March 14, 1983 - August 12, 1983.
Introduction Scene: At Smiley's restaurant talking with Maisie Watkins.
Exit Scene: In a Claxton hospital, revealing to Larry Ewing that he and Blaine Ewing have a younger half-brother.
Date of Death: August 12, 1983.
Cause of Death: Blood poisoning.
Relatives: Larry Ewing, son. Blaine Ewing Cory, daughter. Catlin Ewing, son. Jeanne Ewing, granddaughter. Evan Peterson (RIP), grandson. Alex Cory, grandson. Catlin Ewing Jr., grandson.

First Appearance: April 20, 1979
Last Appearance: October 19, 1979
Portrayer: Barton Heyman, April 20, 1979 - October 19, 1979.
Arrival: Came for Larry and Clarice Ewing's wedding.
Departure: Moved to Oklahoma to meet his female pen pal Amelia Dudley.
Introduction Scene: To Eileen Simpson (RIP) about Charley Hobson (RIP), "Who's the man in the office?"
Date of Death: January 1980.
Other Aliases: Frederick Ewing (full name).
Relatives: Larry Ewing, son. Blaine Ewing Cory, daughter. Jeanne Ewing, granddaughter. Alex Cory, grandson.
Flirtations: Ada Hobson (RIP) (1979).
Former Occupation: Cory gardener.
Note: Fred and Jeanne met at a dance in Claxton, Wyoming.