First Appearance: December 26, 1990
Last Appearance: December 17, 1993
Portrayer: Alla Korot, December 26, 1990 - December 17, 1993.
Departure: Left to accompany Dean Frame on his world tour.
Introduction Scene: The convent, with Lucas and Felicia Gallant. To the mother superior, "I know who she is. Hello, Ms. Gallant."
Exit Scene: Bayview Court, to Felicia Gallant, Lorna Devon, and Victor Rodriguez, "I love you. Take care of them, okay? Bye."
Birthday: 1973.
Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois.
Last Known Whereabouts: On world tour with Dean Frame.
Relatives: Gloria Norris (RIP), mother. Felicia Gallant, adoptive mother. Lucas (RIP), adoptive father. Lorna Devon, adoptive sister.

Freeze FrameLovers: Dean Frame (fiance) (1991-present).
Dates: Matthew Cory (1991).
Flirtations: Dennis Wheeler (1993).
Medical History: Miscarried Dean Frame's child (1993).
Former Occupations: Partner at D & M Productions. Host of Jam Session. Writer.