Michael GarfieldJERRY GROVE Kevin Conroy as Jerry

First Appearance: December 19, 1979
Last Appearance: November 25, 1981
Portrayers: Michael Garfield, December 19, 1979 - January 15, 1980.
Kevin Conroy, February 4, 1980 - December 26, 1980.
Paul Tinder, January 22, 1981 - November 25, 1981.
Departure: Institutionalized due to suffering from schizophrenia.
Introduction Scenes: (Michael Garfield) To Blaine Ewing in Bud Parker's apartment, "See how rough we've got it?"
(Paul Tinder) To Brian Bancroft, in Brian's office, "Well, I decided to come back early."
Exit Scenes: (Kevin Conroy) To Kit Halloway, in Miranda Bishop's living room, about Kit's smiling, "Yes, you have been."
(Paul Tinder) To Larry Ewing at the police station, "I'm sorry for everything."
Other Aliases: Gerald Grove (full name).
Other Whereabouts: Raised in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Relatives: Margo Grove (RIP), mother.
Paul Tinder as Jerry Grove Spouses: Blaine Ewing Cory (married on February 15, 1980. Divorced on September 29, 1980; finalized on January 22, 1981).
Lovers: Amy Dudley (1980) and Kit Halloway Perrini (1980-1981).
Medical History: Had his spleen removed after a hit and run (1981). Suffered from schizophrenia.
Legal History: Raped Clarice Ewing in a schizophrenic fit.
Former Occupations: Police officer. Lawyer.