John Beal as JimLeon Janney as JimShepperd Strudwick as Jim

JIM MATTHEWS Hugh Marlowe as Jim

First Appearance: May 4, 1964
Last Appearance: April 30, 1982
Portrayers: John Beal, May 4, 1964 - May 7, 1964.
Leon Janney, May 11, 1964 - November 2, 1964.
Shepperd Strudwick, November 10, 1964 - February 26, 1969.
Hugh Marlowe, July 17, 1969 - April 30, 1982.
Introduction Scenes: (John Beal) In the Matthews' living room to Mary Matthews, "Mary, couldn't you persuade my mother to come in here for a little while?"
(Leon Janney) The Matthews' Den, in response to Alice's question on whether he has a "Keep Out" sign hanging on the door, "No signs."
(Shepperd Strudwick) In the Matthews' living room to Mary Matthews, "I think I heard what you said, Mary...something about Thanksgiving."
(Hugh Marlowe) Over the phone to Alice Matthews Frame, "Hello, Alice dear!"
Exit Scenes: (John Beal) In the bedroom, to Mary Matthews about the rain stopping, "And all the stars are out."
(Leon Janney) In the Matthews' living room, to Mary Matthews about Tom Baxter and Pat Randolph, "Whatever it is, if it is serious between them, they'll iron it out without your help or mine."
(Shepperd Strudwick) In the Matthews' living room, to Alice Matthews Frame about the time, "Yes, I know, but Steve says it's just going to take another few minutes."
Birthday: 1915.
Place of Death: Died suddenly in Helsinki, Finland while on an extended vacation in Europe.
Other Aliases: James Arthur Matthews (full name).

With Liz Relatives: Pat Randolph, daughter. Alice Matthews Frame, daughter. Russ Matthews, son. Janet Matthews, sister. Will Matthews (RIP), brother. Marianne Randolph, granddaughter. Michael Randolph, grandson. Susan Matthews Shearer, niece. Bill Matthews (RIP), nephew. Josie Watts, granddaughter. Olivia Matthews, granddaughter. Sarah Matthews Wheeler, great-granddaughter. Gary Sinclair Jr. (RIP), great-grandson.
Spouses: Mary Matthews (RIP) (married about 1940. Dissolved in March 1975). []
Dates: Liz Matthews, Beatrice Gordon, and Margo Grove (RIP) (1980).
Flirtations: Ada Hobson (RIP) (1977).
Occupation: Accountant.