First Appearance: September 7, 1972
Last Appearance: March 22, 1978
Portrayers: *, September 7, 1972 - January 19, 1973; March 22, 1974; April 30, 1974.
*, August 23, 1976.
Patricia Estrin, June 24, 1977 - March 22, 1978.
Arrival: Introduced as John Randolph's receptionist.
Departure: Left when John Randolph (RIP) couldn't return her affections.
Introduction Scenes: (*, 1972) To Bernice Robinson (RIP), "Here are the Washington folders you wanted, Miss Robinson."
(*, 1976) To Jeff Stone (RIP), "Hi, Jeff."
(Patricia Estrin) To Michael Randolph in the law office, "Oh, Mike, hello."
Exit Scene: (Patricia Estrin) To Marianne Randolph before rushing out of the Randolph office, "Okay...thanks. Bye."
Last Known Whereabouts: Baltimore, Maryland.
Relatives: Greg Barnard (RIP), brother.
Dates: Evan Webster (RIP) (1977).
Flirtations: John Randolph (RIP) (1977).
Former Occupations: John Randolph's receptionist.
Note: The character was referred to as "Joan," the law office's off-screen secretary before being introduced full-time on camera. The earliest known reference to Joan was on February 17, 1972. Portrayers of the character during her short-term, recurring appearances from September 1972 - August 1976 are currently unknown.