First Appearance: September 7, 1972
Last Appearance: March 22, 1978
Portrayers: *, September 7, 1972 - January 19, 1973; March 22, 1974; April 30, 1974 [recurring].
*, August 23, 1976.
Patricia Estrin, June 24, 1977 - March 22, 1978.
Arrival: Introduced as John Randolph's receptionist.
Departure: Left when John Randolph couldn't return her affections.
Introduction Scenes: (*, 1972) To Bernice Robinson, "Here are the Washington folders you wanted, Miss Robinson."
(*, 1976) The Randolph law firm, to Jeff Stone, "Hi, Jeff."
(Patricia Estrin) To Michael Randolph in the Randolph law office, "Oh, Mike, hello."
Exit Scenes: (*, 1973) Answering the phone, then to John Randolph, "Mr. Randolph's office. Yes, he is. It's Mr. Frame."
(Patricia Estrin) To Marianne Randolph before rushing out of the Randolph law office, "Okay...thanks. Bye."
Last Known Whereabouts: Baltimore, Maryland.
Relatives: Greg Barnard (RIP), brother.
Dates: Evan Webster (1977).
Flirtations: John Randolph (1977).
Former Occupations: John Randolph's receptionist.
Note: The character was referred to as "Joan," the law office's off-screen secretary before being introduced full-time on camera. The earliest known reference to Joan was on February 17, 1972. Portrayers of the character during her short-term, recurring appearances from September 1972 - August 1976 are currently unknown.