John and Lee First Appearance: November 13, 1964
Last Appearance: March 6, 1979
Portrayer: Michael M. Ryan, November 13, 1964 - March 6, 1979.
Arrival: Retired attorney Mitchell Dru picked him to defend Pat Matthews.
Introduction Scene: To Lee Randolph upon arriving home, "You still up, Lee?"
Exit Scene: Grace Hewitt's burning cabin, to Alice Matthews Frame, "I'm going outside and help you down. Go Alice. Go."
Birthday: July 19, 1926.
Date of Death: March 6, 1979.
Cause of Death: Killed in a fire.
Other Aliases: John Anthony Randolph (full name).
Relatives: Lee Randolph (RIP), daughter. Michael Randolph, son. Marianne Randolph, daughter. Anita Corby, cousin.
Spouses: Lee Dwyer Randolph (RIP) (married about 1947. Dissolved in 1954).
Pat Randolph (married on June 24, 1965. Divorced on March 18, 1977).
Olive Randolph (married on March 25, 1977. Divorced in June 1978).
Lovers: Bernice Robinson (RIP) (1972) and Barbara Weaver (1976).
Flirtations: Joan Barnard (1977) and Elena DePoulignac (1978).
Medical History: Paralyzed for almost two years after a car crash. Had Meniere's syndrome (1970-1971).
Legal History: Accused of murdering Evan Webster (RIP).
Nervous breakdown and institutionalized after accidentally shooting Evan Webster (RIP) (1977).
Occupation: Lawyer.