First Appearance: June 20, 1980
Last Appearance: July 23, 1981
Portrayer: J. Kenneth Campbell, June 20, 1980 - May 27, 1981; July 17 and 23, 1981.
Introduction Scene: At a news stand with Buzz Winslow (RIP) about Blaine Ewing Cory.
Exit Scene: In his living room to his killer, "You've got to help me."
Date of Death: May 27, 1981.
Cause of Death: Killed by Zachary Colton.
Place of Death: His house.
Birthplace: West Virginia.
Relatives: Born to a prostitute.
Lovers: Blaine Ewing Cory (1980-1981).
Legal History: Raped Blaine Ewing Cory.
Occupation: Ran a casino. Crook.