Kyra Sedgwick as Julia Faith Ford as JuliaJULIA SHEARER

First Appearance: January 15, 1982
Last Appearance: August 13, 1984
Portrayers: Kyra Sedgwick, January 15, 1982 - June 1, 1983.
Janna Leigh (AKA Jonna Lee), June 6, 1983 - June 23, 1983.
Faith Ford, June 27, 1983 - August 13, 1984.
Arrival: Came to visit her adoptive grandmother, Liz Matthews, after running away from home.
Introduction Scene: (Kyra Sedgwick) On the sidewalk to a Hare Krishna insisting she can take his coat, "I wish I could."
Exit Scene: (Faith Ford) Lying dead in a New York City hotel room.
Birthday: 1964. Liz mentioned Julia was 17 years old in December 1981.

Jonna Lee as Julia Date of Death: August 10, 1984.
Cause of Death: Killed by Ross (RIP).
Place of Death: Hotel room in New York City, New York
Relatives: Adopted daughter of Dan Shearer and Susan Matthews Shearer since she was 10 years old.
Dates: Vic Strang (1982), Jason Dunlap (RIP) (1982), and Gil Fenton (1983-1984).
Flirtations: Jamie Frame (1982).
Former Occupations: Acted in the movie based on Jamie's book. Clerical assistant at Cory Publishing. Felicia Gallant's assistant. Wrote the successful romance novel, "Savage Love."
Note: Julia was the first character to refer to Bay City as being in Illinois. During her first scene in the van, she said she was headed for Bay City, Illinois. Previous to that time, Bay City's specific location was unspecified.