First Appearance: March 1995
Last Appearance: March 17, 1997
Portrayer: Victoria Wyndham, March 1995 - December 5, 1995; March 17, 1997.
Introduction Scenes: Nice, France, with her maid.
To the porter, "I prefer to be addressed as countess or madame."
Exit Scene: (1995) The Cory Mansion living room, to Grant Harrison, "Your secret dies with me."

Birthplace: Boston (?).
Date of Death: December 5, 1995.
Cause of Death: Stabbed by Carl Hutchins with a letter opener.
Place of Death: The Cory mansion living room.
Other Aliases: Justine Kirkland (maiden name). Contesse Duvalier.
Other Whereabouts: Nice, France.
Relatives: Grant Harrison, son. Ryan Harrison (RIP), son. Anna Callahan, sister. Kirkland Harrison, grandson. Fiona Merriman, niece.
Spouses: Spencer Harrison (married about the late 1950s. Dissolved about 1966).
A Count (RIP).
Lovers: Carl Hutchins (late 1960s, 1995).
Medical History: Presumed dead from about 1966 to 1995. Suffered from severe psychological problems. Hit by a train and suffered damage to the right side of her face and the loss of her right hand (1995).
Legal History: Kidnaped Rachel Cory (1995). Poisoned Spencer Harrison and Lorna Devon (1995). Imprisoned Vicky Hudson (1995).

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