First Appearance: March 3, 1995
Last Appearance: March 17, 1997
Portrayer: Victoria Wyndham, March 3, 1995 - December 5, 1995; March 17, 1997.
Introduction Scenes: (March 3) Nice, France, with her maid, gasping at the news that Grant Harrison had been shot and Ryan Harrison arrested.
(April 3) To the porter, "I prefer to be addressed as countess or madame."
Exit Scenes: (1995) The Cory Mansion living room, to Grant Harrison, "Your secret dies with me."
(1997) To Grant Harrison in his apartment, "I'll be waiting for you--in Hell, my son."

Birthplace: Boston (?).
Date of Death: December 5, 1995.
Cause of Death: Stabbed by Carl Hutchins with a letter opener.
Place of Death: The Cory mansion living room.
Other Aliases: Justine Kirkland (maiden name). Contesse Duvalier.
Other Whereabouts: Nice, France.
Relatives: Grant Harrison, son. Ryan Harrison (RIP), son. Anna Callahan, sister. Kirkland Harrison, grandson. Fiona Merriman, niece.
Spouses: Spencer Harrison (married about the late 1950s. Dissolved about 1966).
A Count (RIP).
Lovers: Carl Hutchins (late 1960s, 1995).
Medical History: Presumed dead from about 1966 to 1995. Suffered from severe psychological problems. Hit by a train and suffered damage to the right side of her face and the loss of her right hand (1995).
Legal History: Kidnaped Rachel Cory (1995). Poisoned Spencer Harrison and Lorna Devon (1995). Imprisoned Vicky Hudson (1995).

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