First Appearance: November 9, 1965
Last Appearance: April 15, 1966
Portrayer: Ann Sheridan, November 9, 1965 - April 15, 1966.
Arrival: Came to get to know her daughter, Missy Palmer.
Departure: Left for San Francisco to pack and move permanently to Bay City.
Introduction Scene: Liz Matthews' house, to Liz about coming without Helen Moore, "I'm afraid I'm all alone."
Exit Scene: To Missy Palmer after giving her her grandmother's pearls, "Now the the chain is not broken.
Date of Death: April 1966.
Cause of Death: Heart attack (off-screen).
Other Whereabouts: San Francisco, California.
Relatives: Missy Palmer, daughter. Ricky Fargo, grandson.
Spouses: Carter Corning (RIP) (married about 1945. Dissolved in 1963).
Lovers: Lt. Richard Summers (RIP).
Notes: Her name was written as Kathryn in prop sheets and set designs, but as Katherine within scripts.