First Appearance: September 3, 1984
Last Appearance: May 20, 1993
Portrayer: Julie Osburn, September 3, 1984 - December 5, 1986; May 31, 1989 - June 1, 1989; January 30, 1991 - November 21, 1991; May 20, 1993.
Arrival: (1984) Left her job in New York to visit her family.
(1991) Returned to check up on her cousin Jake McKinnon, who was in a coma.
Departure: (1986) Left to go on an around-the-world honeymoon with Cass Winthrop.
(1991) Left to work in New York's Brava offices.
Introduction Scenes: (1984) Smiley's Diner to Ben McKinnon in response to his question about when she arrived in town, "Now."
(Reintro, 1991) A hospital room, to Jake McKinnon, "Hi, Jake. How you feeling today?"
Exit Scenes: (1986) In a car, to Vince McKinnon, "Shut up and drive."
(1991) On a plane, to a handsome man who offered her a drink, "Sure, what the hell, hold the olive."
Birthday: September 14. (Formerly October 12?).
Birthplace: Bay City, Illinois.
Other Aliases: Kathleen Mary McKinnon (full name). Her middle name has also been known to be Theresa.

Last Known Whereabouts: New York City, New York.
Other Whereabouts: San Antonio, Texas.
Relatives: Mary McKinnon, mother. Vince McKinnon, father. M.J. McKinnon, sister (11 months older). Ben McKinnon, brother. Cheryl McKinnon, sister. Ray McKinnon (RIP), uncle. Jake McKinnon, cousin. Kevin Anderson, cousin. Sean McKinnon, second cousin. Katheen has a great-uncle Michael (her grandmother's baby brother), and an uncle Patrick.
Spouses: Cass Winthrop.
Lovers: Joe Barren (RIP) (1987-1991).
Dates: Jamie Frame (1984) and Daniel Gabriel (1985).
Flirtations: Grant Harrison (1991).
Medical History: Was paralyzed from November 1985 - May 1986. Was presumed dead from June 1987 - February 1991. Was in an explosion (1991).
Legal History: Was in the witness relocation program from 1987-1991.
Occupation: Reporter and writer.
Former Occupations: Personal assistant to Felicia Gallant. President of Winthrop Publishing. Singer.

Kathleen Freeze Frames

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