First Appearance: February 14, 1992
Last Appearance: April 1, 1994
Portrayer: Kaitlin Hopkins, February 14, 1992 - April 1, 1994.
Arrival: Came to take part in Bay City General's mentor program.
Departure: Left due to break up with John Hudson.
Introduction Scenes: (With back to viewer, February 14) The Valentine's Day Ball being noticed by Jamie Frame and Sam Fowler.
(Face seen, February 19) A hotel, to a clerk handing her the room key, "Thank you."
(First regular scene, February 28) An aerobics class, to Jamie Frame, "Whoa, you still?"
Exit Scene: Frame farmhouse living room, to John Hudson, "Goodbye, John."
Last Known Whereabouts: Boston, Massachusetts.
Relatives: Ruth Harrison, mother. Frank Harrison, father. Patrick Harrison (RIP), paternal grandfather. Spencer Harrison, uncle. Grant Harrison, cousin. Kirkland Harrison, second cousin.
Spouses: John Hudson.
Lovers: Jamie Frame (1992).
Medical History: Had an appendectomy.
Occupation: Doctor, haematologist.

with Spencer and Grant Harrison with John Hudson