William Lyman as KenKEN PALMER William Lyman as Ken

First Appearance: January 12, 1976
Last Appearance: January 14, 1977
Portrayers: Kelly Monahan, January 12, 1976 - January 26, 1976
William Lyman, January 27, 1976 - January 14, 1977.
Departure: Soured that Rachel Cory wasn't receptive to his advances, Ken left to teach full-time at Midwest University in Chicago.
Introduction Scenes: (Kelly Monahan) To Mac Cory in his office, "It's a pleasure meeting you, sir."
(William Lyman) To Rachel Cory about her sculpture, "Did you make a sketch of this first?"
Exit Scenes: (Kelly Monahan) To Robert Delaney, "Goodnight, Mr. Delaney."
(William Lyman) To Rachel Cory, "And I'll carry a memory of you that will always be mine. Goodbye."
Last Known Whereabouts: Chicago.
Flirtations: Rachel Cory (1976).
Former Occupation: Rachel Cory's sculpture instructor.