First Appearance: October 1, 1991
Last Appearance: September 24, 1993 (voice-over on October 1, 1993)
Portrayer: James Goodwin, October 1, 1991 - September 24, 1993.
Arrival: Came to work as a prosecutor and to check up on Jake McKinnon.
Departure: Left to go to jail.
Introduction Scene: The hallway outside the courtroom, to Ryan Harrison (RIP), "Ryan?"
Exit Scene: The courtroom, to Victor Rodriguez, before being taken to prison, "Carl would have done some serious time. But no. You know better."
Birthday: About 1962-1966. Two years younger than Jake McKinnon.
Birthplace: Lassiter, Pennsylvania.
Last Known Whereabouts: Lake County State Penitentiary.
Relatives: Lucy Anderson (RIP), mother. Ray McKinnon (RIP), father. Sean McKinnon, son. Jake McKinnon, half-brother. Vince McKinnon, uncle. Kathleen McKinnon, cousin. M.J. McKinnon, cousin. Ben McKinnon, cousin. Cheryl McKinnon, cousin.
Lovers: Lorna Devon (1992-1993).
Dates: Iris Wheeler (1991), Paulina Cory Carlino (1992), and Amanda Cory (1993).
Legal History: Jailed for assault, wrongful use of office, and conspiracy to commit murder (1993-present).
Former Occupation: Assistant district attorney.