First Appearance: April 25, 1979
Last Appearance: October 23, 1979
Portrayer: Charles Cioffi, April 25, 1979 - October 23, 1979.
Arrival: Came to oversee Sylvie's new branch office in Bay City.
Introduction Scene: To Sylvie Kosloff at her suite, "I warned you I'd show up and here I am."
Exit Scene: Being shot by Iris Wheeler in her nightmare, "Don't be a fool, Iris!"
Birthplace: West Virginia.
Date of Death: October 18, 1979.
Cause of Death: Shot by Jeff Stone.
Place of Death: His suite at the Bayview Hotel.
Relatives: Tibor Laverty, older brother. Nicholas Laverty, brother. Constantine "Conrad" Laverty, nephew. Andrew Laverty, nephew.
Spouses: June Laverty (dissolved in October 1979).
Lovers: Iris Wheeler (1979).
Dates: Rachel Cory (1979).
Former Occupations: Owner of Laverty Brothers, a conglomerate which owned Sylvie Dresses and Frame Enterprises, as well as other companies such as a cosmetics firm, furniture stores, Wireco, and Plateau Copper.