Ryan and Kyle Pepi as KirklandConnor Rademaker as KirklandSean Rademaker as Kirkland Austin and Evan Tennenbaum as Kirkland


First Appearance:
April 19, 1994
Last Appearance: June 25, 1999
Portrayers: *, April 19, 1994 - May 3, 1994.
Austin and Evan Tennenbaum, October 7, 1994 - October 1995.
Ryan and Kyle Pepi, October 1995 - November 14, 1995.
Connor Rademaker, November 20, 1995 - February 27, 1996.
Sean Rademaker, April 19, 1996 - June 25, 1999.
Introduction Scene: A hospital room, with Vicky Hudson and Grant Harrison.
Birthday: (Former) April 19, 1994. (Current) April 23, 1991.
Birthplace: Bay City, Illinois.
Other Aliases: Kirkland Grant Harrison (full name). Grant Spencer Harrison, Jr. and Michael Hudson II (considered names). As of 1997, Kirk's new middle name is Ryan.
Relatives: Vicky Hudson, mother. Grant Harrison, father. Steven Frame, half-brother. Donna Love, maternal grandmother. Michael Hudson, maternal grandfather. Justine Duvalier (RIP), paternal grandmother. Spencer Harrison, paternal grandfather. Marley Hudson, aunt. Ryan Harrison (RIP), half-uncle. Nick Hudson, half-uncle. Elizabeth Love (RIP), maternal great-grandmother. Reginald Love (RIP), maternal great-grandfather. Clara Hudson, maternal great-grandmother. Patrick Harrison (RIP), paternal great-grandfather. Margaret * (RIP), maternal great-great-grandmother. Joe * (RIP), maternal great-great-grandfather. Frank Harrison, great-uncle. John Hudson, great-uncle. Peter Love, great-uncle. Anna Callahan, great-aunt. Nicole Love, great-aunt. Kelsey Harrison, second cousin. Fiona Merriman, second cousin.
Medical History: In 1997, Paulina Cory Carlino saved Kirkland's life by hitting him with her car. Because he was hospitalized with minor head wounds, doctors were able to discover an aneurism growing in his brain. Doctors operated to remove it just in time (it was about to burst even as they prepared to remove it). Kirkland then had an adverse reaction to some post-op antibiotics and almost died.