First Appearance: November 20, 1979
Last Appearance: November 10, 1981
Portrayer: Bradley Bliss, November 20, 1979 - November 10, 1981.
Arrival: Transfered to Bay City General. She used an assumed name to escape her notoriety as a member of the wealthy Halloway family.
Departure: Eloped with Joey Perrini.
Introduction Scene: To Linda Metcalf at the hospital, "Are those the lab reports you wanted me to deliver?"
Exit Scene: To Jerry Grove in her apartment, "Goodbye."
Other Aliases: Kirstin Laraine Halloway (full name). Kit Farrell (assumed name).
Relatives: Ellen Halloway, mother. Taylor Halloway, father. Taylor Halloway Jr. (RIP), brother. Rick Halloway, brother. Amy Dudley, sister. Miranda Bishop, aunt.
Spouses: Joey Perrini (married on April 21-22, 1980. Annulled on October 22, 1980).
Lovers: Craig Caldwell (fiance) and Jerry Grove (1980-1981).
Dates: Brad Garrick (1980).
Legal History: Kidnaped in 1978.
Occupation: Nurse.
Notes: Bradley Bliss now goes by her real name Diane Bradley.