Lee and Lahoma First Appearance: August 25, 1967
Last Appearance: March 30, 1970
Portrayer: Ann Wedgeworth, August 25, 1967 - March 30, 1970.
Arrival: Returned after having an unsuccessful acting gig in California.
Departure: Moved to Somerset with Sam Lucas.
Introduction Scene: To Rachel in her hospital room, "How're you?"
Exit Scene: To Missy Palmer in a station wagon headed to Somerset, "I just don't think I'm gonna fit in."
Other Aliases: Lahoma Elizabeth Vane (full name).
Last Known Whereabouts: Oklahoma.
Other Whereabouts: Somerset (1970-1973).
Relatives: Susannah Lucas, daughter.
Spouses: Sam Lucas (married on January 7, 1969).
Former Occupations: Model.

with Susannah with Sam Lucas