First Appearance: July 26, 1978
Last Appearance: June 16, 1989
Portrayer: Rick Porter, July 26, 1978 - August 19, 1986; June 16, 1989.
Introduction Scene: To Blaine Ewing after catching her in Jamie Frame's arms in the bunkhouse, "Blaine! What are you doing here?"
Exit Scene: To Jake McKinnon at Mary's Place, "Maybe you should talk to Vince about some hazard pay."
Birthday: March 9.
Birthplace: Claxton, Wyoming.
Other Aliases: Lawrence Ewing (full name).
Relatives: Jeanne Ewing (RIP), mother. Fred Ewing (RIP), father. Jeanne Ewing, daughter. Blaine Ewing Cory, sister. Catlin Ewing, half-brother. Evan Peterson (RIP), half-nephew. Alex Cory, half-nephew. Catlin Ewing Jr., half-nephew.

Spouses: Clarice Ewing (married on May 7, 1979).
Dates: Maisie Watkins (RIP) (1983).
Flirtations: Mimi Haines Frame (1978) and M.J. McKinnon (1984).
Medical History: Paralyzed after a car crash (1979).
Occupation: Police officer, lieutenant. Graduated from the police academy in 1979.
Former Occupations: Ranch hand. Worked at Mr. Fixit. Construction worker at Frame Enterprises.