William Prince (Ken) with Augusta DabneyLAURA BAXTER

First Appearance: May 25, 1964
Last Appearance: September 24, 1965
Portrayer: Augusta Dabney, May 25, 1964 - September 24, 1965.
Departure: Moved to California after reconciling with Ken Baxter.
Introduction Scene: The Baxter residence patio, "Tom, it was rather nice having my two men at home for dinner tonight."
Exit Scene: In Janet Matthews' office with Ken Baxter, "Goodbye Janet."
Last Known Whereabouts: California.
Relatives: Tom Baxter (RIP), son. Judy Baxter (RIP), daughter.
Spouses: Ken Baxter (married in 1939).
Medical History: Overdose from barbiturate poisoning (1965).