Barbara RodellLEE RANDOLPH Gaye Huston

First Appearance: November 13, 1964
Last Appearance: May 22, 1969
Portrayer: Gaye Huston, November 13, 1964 - September 29, 1967.
Barbara Rodell, October 3, 1967 - May 22, 1969.
Introduction Scenes: (Gaye Huston) Opening the door to Dru, "Uncle Mitch. I thought it was Dad."
(Barbara Rodell) In the Randolph living room, to Pat Randolph about not registering for fall classes, "I just don't want to talk about it, Pat!"
Exit Scenes: (Gaye Huston) In the Randolph living room, to Pat Randolph, "I said leave me alone!"
(Barbara Rodell) To Sam Lucas in a hospital bed, "Darling Sam... I love you... Time and time and time and time... going on and on... always going on... never stopping..."
Birthday: March 1, 1948 (original). March 1, 1946 (as of November 1967).
Date of Death: May 22, 1969.
Cause of Death: Killed in a car crash.
Place of Death: Hospital bed.
Other Aliases: Lee Carter Randolph (full name). Known as "Portia" to John Randolph and Mitchell Dru in 1964.
Relatives: Lee Randolph (RIP), mother. John Randolph (RIP), father. Michael Randolph, half-brother. Marianne Randolph, half-sister.
Dates: Mike Quinn (1964-1965), Hal Keefer (1965-1966), Tony Douglas (1966), Michael Bauer (1966-1967), Sam Lucas (1967-1968), and Steve Frame (1969).
Flirtations: Lefty Burns (1967-1968).
Medical History: Had virus pneumonia (1965). Forced to take a dose of LSD (1968).

with Sam Lucas Lee and Lahoma