First Appearance: July 17, 1967
Last Appearance: May 14, 1969
Portrayer: Lawrence Keith, July 17, 1967 - January 25, 1968; April 25, 1968; May 2, 1968; May 5, 7, and 14, 1969.
Arrival: Came to check on Sam Lucas and recruit him into a numbers racket.
Introduction Scene: On a deserted pier to Sam Lucas, I thought you were never going to get here, Sam.
Exit Scenes: (January 23, 1968) To Lee Randolph (RIP) in his apartment, "You've got to pay some attention to me, you've got to be nice to me...."
(January 25, 1968) Lying dead in his apartment.
Date of Death: January 24, 1968.
Place of Death: Lefty's apartment, 7G.
Cause of Death: Killed by Lee Randolph (RIP) with a poker.
Other Aliases: Richard T. Burns (real name).
Flirtations: Lahoma Vane Lucas (1967). Lee Randolph (RIP) (1967-1968).
Occupation: Crook, ran a numbers racket.
Legal History: Sent to prison for selling narcotics.