First Appearance: July 3, 1967
Last Appearance: May 23, 1969
Portrayer: Lawrence Keith, July 3, 1967 - January 25, 1968; May 14 and 23, 1969.
Introduction Scene: On a deserted pier to Sam Lucas, I thought you were never going to get here, Sam.
Exit Line: (January 23) To Lee Randolph (RIP) in his apartment, "You've got to pay some attention to me, you've got to be nice to me...."
Exit Scene: (January 25) Lying dead in his apartment.
Date of Death: January 24, 1968.
Place of Death: Lefty's apartment, 7G.
Cause of Death: Killed by Lee Randolph (RIP) with a poker.
Other Aliases: Richard T. Burns (real name).
Occupation: Crook, ran a numbers racket.
Legal History: Sent to prison for selling narcotics.