First Appearance: December 31, 1980
Last Appearance: September 25, 1981
Portrayer: Christopher Knight, December 31, 1980 - September 25, 1981.
Arrival: Came to attend his father, Charley Hobson's funeral.
Departure: Left to join the hockey team of Madison, Wisconsin.
Introduction Scene: To Clarice Ewing, at her apartment, "Hi, sis. Remember me?"
Exit Scene: To Sally Frame (RIP), in their apartment, "I'm gonna miss you, Sally."
Birthday: 1961.
Other Aliases: Originally known as either Clint or Jerry.
Other Whereabouts: Wisconsin (-1980, 1981-).
Relatives: Lillian Hobson (RIP), mother. Charley Hobson (RIP), father. Clarice Hobson, sister. Denny Hobson, brother. Cory Ewing, nephew. Jeanne Ewing, niece.
Lovers: Sally Frame (RIP) (fiance) (1981).
Occupation: Hockey player who hoped to compete in the 1984 Olympics. Worked at The Daily Ledger.