First Appearance: May 30, 1966
Last Appearance: December 29, 1975
Portrayers: Judith Barcroft, May 30, 1966 - March 24, 1971. []
Susan Sullivan, May 21, 1971 - June 24, 1975; December 22, 23, 26, and 29, 1975.
Departure: Moved to Washington, D.C. to protect Walter Curtin's secret for Wally's sake.
Introduction Scenes: (Judith Barcroft) Coming downstairs in the Moore living room, “Did I hear somebody down here, Mother?”
(Susan Sullivan) Hotel room in St. Croix, over the phone to Walter Curtin (RIP), "Hello, Walter."
Exit Scenes: (Judith Barcroft) Randolph house, to Pat Randolph about Caroline Johnson taking care of the twins, "Oh, Pat, she won't feel tied down. After all, she loves the babies, and she's so fond of you and John..."
(Susan Sullivan) To Vic Hastings about Helen Moore wanting to know her whereabouts, "I know she would, but Wally might accidentally give away where we are, and I'm not ready to let anyone know that yet."
Other Aliases: Lenore Anne Moore (full name).
Last Known Whereabouts: Washington, D.C.
Relatives: Helen Moore, mother. Charles Moore (RIP), father. Wally Curtin, son. Franklin Phipps, maternal grandfather. Wayne Phipps, uncle.
Spouses: Walter Curtin (RIP) (married on July 1, 1968. Dissolved in February 1972).
Robert Delaney (married on March 28, 1974. Divorced on August 25, 1975).
Dates: Bill Matthews (RIP) (fiance) (1966-1967).
Flirtations: Stuart Philbin (1972) and Russ Matthews (1973).
Legal History: Tried for the murder of Wayne Addison (RIP) (1971).
Former Occupations: An artist. Worked for the Community Fund from 1969-1970. Secretary for Dr. Philbin (1972) and in the architecture office of Frame Enterprises (1972-1975).

Walter and Lenore