First Appearance: January 26, 1987
Last Appearance: February 27, 1989
Portrayer: Joanna Going, January 26, 1987 - February 27, 1989.
Arrival: Came to get to know her aunt, Felicia Gallant.
Departure: Left because of her break up with Jamie Frame.
Introduction Scenes: (January 26) Appearing in Jamie Frame's daydreams.
(February 12) In TOPS garage to Jamie Frame, "Excuse me."
Exit Scene: To Matthew Cory before taking one last look at her apartment, "Okay."
Birthday: December 16, 1965.
Birthplace: Rockford, Illinois.
Last Known Whereabouts: London, England.
Relatives: Louise Grady (RIP), mother. Robert Grady (RIP), father. Felicia Gallant, aunt. Lorna Devon, cousin. Jenna Norris, adoptive cousin. [Louise was married at age 21, and had Lisa at 23.]

Lovers: Jamie Frame (fiance) (1987-1988).
Dates: Adam Cory (1988) and Matthew Cory (1989).
Medical History: Psychic. Raped at age 14.
Former Occupation: Police psychic. BCPD's community affairs representative. Studied to be a lawyer in 1989.