Audra Lindley as Liz Irene Dailey as Liz


First Appearance: May 4, 1964
Last Appearance: May 4, 1994
Portrayers: Sarah Cunningham, May 4, 1964.
Audra Lindley, May 7, 1964 - June 25, 1969. []
Nancy Wickwire, August 26, 1969 - July 23, 1971. []
Irene Dailey, January 8, 1974 - June 10, 1986; November 25, 1987 - January 6, 1993; May 5, 1993; April 15, 1994 - May 4, 1994.
Departure: (1971) Went to Arizona to help Missy Palmer take care of Ricky Matthews in Arizona.
(1986) Left to take Kevin Thatcher to California.
Introduction Scenes: (Sarah Cunningham) Looking outside of her living room window, "Will it ever stop raining."
(Audra Lindley) In her bedroom while sadly looking at Will Matthews' side of their double bed, "That was - Will's."
(Nancy Wickwire) In Los Angeles, over the phone to Susan Matthews Shearer, "Susan darling."
(Irene Dailey, 1974) Arriving at the Matthews' house.
(Irene Dailey, Reintro 1987) The Cory Mansion, to Ada Hobson, "Darling, someone has to help you boss the Corys around."
Nancy Wickwire as Liz Exit Scenes: (Audra Lindley) In her living room, "Bill Matthews, I can stay anywhere I want! This is a free country!"
(Nancy Wickwire) To Jim and Mary Matthews while going to the phone, "Thanks. I'll be back in a few minutes."
(Irene Dailey, 1986) Apologizing to Catlin Ewing for doubting his love for Sally Frame because of Brittany Peterson's presence in his life.
(Irene Dailey, 1993) In Dennis' apartment to Dennis Wheeler and Marley Hudson, "I have to run dears. Bye Dennis."
Other Aliases: Elizabeth Matthews (full name). Elizabeth Hill (possible maiden name).
Other Whereabouts: Arizona (1971-1973).
Sarah Cunningham as LizRelatives: Bill Matthews (RIP), son. Susan Matthews Shearer, daughter. Julia Shearer (RIP), adoptive granddaughter. Sarah, distant cousin.
Spouses: Will Matthews (RIP) (dissolved in May 1964).
Lovers: Wayne Addison (RIP) (fiance) (1969-1970).
Dates: Fred Douglas (1966-1969), Rafe Carter (1971), Mac Cory (RIP) (1974), Richard Gavin (1974), Frank Prescott (1976-1977), Charlie Hobson (RIP) (1977-1978), Jim Matthews (RIP), and Milo Simonelli (1982).
Former Occupations: Receptionist for Dr. Frank Prescott. Secretary for Mac Cory (RIP).

Dr. Kurt Landis (Donald Madden) and Liz