First Appearance: August 1982
Last Appearance: February 1983
Portrayer: Jack Betts, August 1982 - February 1983.
Departure: Left to turn himself into the French authorities.
Introduction Scene: In the Cory Mansion, reacting to Elena DePoulignac's cold reception, "You have to associate with me if you still want your little secret kept."
Exit Scene: At the airport with Elena DePoulignac before leaving Bay City.
Date of Death: October 1983.
Place of Death: A French prison hospital.
Other Whereabouts: France.
Relatives: Cecile DePoulignac, daughter. Maggie Cory, granddaughter.
Spouses: Elena DePoulignac.
Felicia Gallant.
Legal History: Brought to trial and convicted of art theft.
Former Occupation: Art dealer/thief.