Sally Spencer as M.J.Kathleen Layman as M.J.M.J. McKINNON

First Appearance: February 21, 1984
Last Appearance: May 17, 1991
Portrayers: Kathleen Layman, February 21, 1984 - March 4, 1986.
Sally Spencer, March 31, 1986 - September 29, 1987; May 17, 1991.
Departure: Left due to break up with Adam Cory and the revelation of her prostitute past.
Introduction Scenes: (Kathleen Layman) The police station, meeting Larry Ewing.
(Sally Spencer) The McKinnon house, to Cass Winthrop, Kathleen McKinnon, and Vince McKinnon, "Hey cheese it, it's the cops."
Exit Scene: (Sally Spencer) At Mary's Place, to Mary, Vince, and Cheryl McKinnon, "I love all you."
Other Aliases: Michael Joseph McKinnon (full name).

Last Known Whereabouts: Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Relatives: Mary McKinnon, mother. Vince McKinnon, father. Kathleen McKinnon, sister. Ben McKinnon, brother. Cheryl McKinnon, sister. Ray McKinnon (RIP), uncle. Jake McKinnon, cousin. Kevin Anderson, cousin. Sean McKinnon, second cousin.
Lovers: Chad Rollo (early 1980s), Jamie Frame (1984-1985), and Adam Cory (fiance) (1986-1987).
Flirtations: Larry Ewing (1984) and Cass Winthrop (1986).
Occupation: Restaurateur.
Former Occupations: Prostitute and police officer.