First Appearance: May 1, 1973
Last Appearance: May 10, 1989
Portrayers: Robert Emhardt, May 1, 1973 - June 19, 1974.
Douglass Watson, August 7, 1974 - May 10, 1989.
Introduction Scenes: (Robert Emhardt) To Louise Goddard Brooks, “Very well, thank you, Mrs. Goddard. It’s nice to see you again.”
(Douglass Watson) Showing up at Iris Carrington's house, "Hello, Louise."
Exit Scenes: (Robert Emhardt) To Iris agreeing with Liz Matthews' suggestion of talking to Pat Randolph, "She's right, honey."
(Douglass Watson) His office, talking to Rachel Cory about Cory Publishing's anniversary, "Twenty-five of the happiest years of my life. Thanks to you, darling."
On his deathbed in Maine to Rachel Cory, who heard him from the Cory mansion living room couch in Bay City. Not shown. "Rachel."

Birthday: Early May.
Birthplace: Fall River, Massachusetts.
Date of Death: June 12, 1989.
Cause of Death: Heart attack.
Place of Death The Harbor Inn, Portland, Maine.
Other Aliases: Mackenzie Cory (full name) [named after John Mackenzie Cory, a distinguished librarian]. John Caldwell (alias).

Three generations of Cory menRelatives: Alexandra Cory (RIP), mother. Iris Wheeler, daughter. Sandy Cory, son. Paulina Cory Carlino, daughter. Amanda Cory, daughter. Alfred Cory, brother. Dennis Wheeler, grandson. Maggie Cory, granddaughter. Alex Cory, grandson. Remy Woods, granddaughter. Alli Fowler, granddaughter. Dante Carlino, grandson. Neal Cory, nephew. Adam Cory, nephew. Sarah Matthews Wheeler, great-granddaughter.

Spouses: Emily Cory (RIP) (married and dissolved in the 1930s).
Rachel Cory.
Janice Frame (RIP) (married on October 22, 1979. Dissolved in March 1980).

Lovers: Sylvie Kosloff (RIP), Miriam Sanderson (RIP), Deidre Leroy, Gwen Frame (1976), Alice Matthews Frame (fiance) (1981), and Anne Whitelaw (1982).
Dates: Elena DePoulignac (1982-1983).
Flirtations: Margo Grove (1980), Miranda Bishop (1980), Cecile DePoulignac (1980), and Donna Love (1983).

Medical History: Injured in polo accident (1975). Sterile from Janice Frame's poisoning (1980). Shot by Lenny (1981). Presumed dead (1984). Had an embolic stroke (1984).
Former Occupations: Graduated from Dartmouth, then had a stint in the war. Earned an honorary degree in Journalism at Northwestern University. CEO of Cory Publishing. Owned KBAY (1985).