First Appearance: December 8, 1982
Last Appearance: April 20, 1987
Portrayer: Patricia Hodges, December 8, 1982 - February 16, 1987; April 20, 1987.
Introduction Scene: To a customer at Smiley's Diner, "You want some more coffee?"
Exit Scenes: (February 16) TOPS garage, to Dave Wilcox, "Well, I'll come with you."
(April 20) Appearing in Adam Cory's daydream of being the Sin Stalker at Mary's Place.
Date of Death: February 16, 1987.
Cause of Death: Murdered by the Sin Stalker.
Place of Death: TOPS garage.
Lovers: Catlin Ewing (1984).
Dates: Larry Ewing (1983) and Dave Wilcox (1986-1987).
Flirtations: Vince McKinnon (1986).
Former Occupations: Waitress at Smiley's Diner and Mary's Place.