Ariana Muenker as Marianne Adrienne Wallace as Marianne Beth Collins as Marianne


Loriann Ruger with brother Tom First Appearance: September 4, 1970
Last Appearance: February 11, 1982
Portrayers: Jeanne Beirne, September 4, 1970 - January 1, 1971.
Lora McDonald, February 18, 1971 - July 26, 1971.
Tracey Brown, August 31, 1971 - January 7, 1972.
Loriann Ruger, April 10, 1972 - June 13, 1973.
Jill Turnbull, September 28, 1973 - May 15, 1974.
Tiberia Mitri, September 20, 1974 - September 30, 1974.
Ariana Muenker, January 21, 1975 - June 17, 1977.
Adrienne Wallace, December 19, 1977 - June 28, 1979.
Beth Collins, October 24, 1980 - February 11, 1982. []

With Sally Departure: (1977) Left when she couldn't handle knowing Olive Randolph was cheating on her father, John Randolph.
(1979) Left to attend nursing school in Chicago, as well as to get away from painful memories.
(1982) Left to accompany Rick Halloway to Lake Geneva.
Introduction Scenes: (Ariana Muenker) In the Randolph living room interrupting John and Pat's argument, "I just came in to get my geometry book."
(Adrienne Wallace) At the front door of Pat Randolph's apartment, "Hello, Mom."
(Beth Collins) To Pat Randolph over the phone, "What happened, Mom?"
Exit Scenes: (Ariana Muenker) To Ted Bancroft in her apartment, "I'm ready."
(Adrienne Wallace) To Pat Randolph in Pat's apartment, "And I will miss you terribly."
(Beth Collins) To Rick Halloway in bed, "That's nice. I like that."
Birthday: September 4, 1970 (original). Marianne was 18 in July 1975 and 23 in July 1979.
Last Known Whereabouts: Lake Geneva, Switzerland.
Other Whereabouts: Chicago, Illinois (1979-1980).
Relatives: Pat Randolph, mother. John Randolph (RIP), father. Lee Randolph (RIP), half-sister. Michael Randolph, twin brother. Mary Matthews (RIP), maternal grandmother. Jim Matthews (RIP), paternal grandfather. Alice Matthews, aunt. Russ Matthews, uncle. Josie Watts, cousin. Olivia Matthews, cousin. Janet Matthews, great-aunt. Will Matthews (RIP), great-uncle. Susan Matthews Shearer, second cousin. Bill Matthews (RIP), second cousin. Sarah Matthews Wheeler, second cousin. Gary Sinclair Jr. (RIP), second cousin.
Spouses: Rick Halloway (married on May 19, 1981).
Lovers: Greg Barnard (1977/1978) and Jamie Frame (1981).
Dates: Daryll Stevens (1976) and Ted Bancroft.
Flirtations: Willis Frame (1975) and Jeff Stone (1976).
Medical History: Had an abortion (1976). Miscarried Rick Halloway's baby (1981).
Occupations: Secretary at the Randolph law firm. Nurse.