First Appearance: March 10, 1983
Last Appearance: January 23, 1985
Portrayer: Robin Thomas, March 10, 1983 - January 23, 1985.
Arrival: Came to help Jamie Frame with his novel and decided to stay.
Introduction Scene: Being interviewed by Jamie Frame.
Exit Scene: The Love Mansion being ordered by Peter Love to return to work.
Date of Death: 1987.
Cause of Death: A car crash with Megan Singleton (RIP).
Place of Death: A hospital.
Last Known Whereabouts: New York City.
Other Whereabouts: Washington, D.C.
Spouses: Janet Singleton (Divorced in October 1983).
Stacey Winthrop (married on December 5, 1983. Divorced in June 1984).
Lovers: Alice Matthews Frame (1984-1985).
Medical History: Shot by Emily Benson (RIP) (1984).
Former Occupations: U.S. senator. Lawyer.