First Appearance: January 17, 1972
Last Appearance: February 2, 1973
Portrayer: Andrew Jarkowsky, January 17, 1972 - February 2, 1973.
Arrival: Hired to replace Walter Curtin (RIP).
Departure: Left for a job in Washington.
Introduction Scene: Discussing a previous case with John Randolph (RIP), Walter Curtin (RIP), and Bernice Robinson (RIP), "The big question was at what rate the stock was exchanged."
Exit Scene: In an office to Robert Delaney, "Goodbye, Robert."
Last Known Whereabouts: Washington.
Other Whereabouts: New York (- 1972).
Lovers: Bernice Robinson (RIP) (1972).
Legal History: Accidentally killed Bernice Robinson (RIP), fled the scene, later confessed.
Occupation: Lawyer at John Randolph's law firm.