With Beverley Penberthy (Pat)First Appearance: May 4, 1964
Last Appearance: March 28, 1975
Portrayer: Virginia Dwyer, May 4, 1964 - March 28, 1975.
Introduction Scene: In the Matthews' living room to Jim Matthews (RIP) about Granny, "She wouldn't have gone to her room, Jim, unless she wanted to be alone."
Exit Scene: To Liz Matthews on the patio of Steve Frame's St. Croix house, "And I'm grateful to Jim for making my life so much easier than most people's. Now, do you want to say hello to Pat?"
Birthday: May 8. October (referenced in September 1970).
Date of Death: Good Friday, 1975.
Cause of Death: Heart attack.
Place of Death: The terrace of Steve and Alice's house in St. Croix, the Virgin Islands.
Relatives: Pat Randolph, daughter. Alice Matthews Frame, daughter. Russ Matthews, son. Marianne Randolph, granddaughter. Michael Randolph, grandson. Josie Watts, granddaughter. Olivia Matthews, granddaughter. Sarah Matthews Wheeler, great-granddaughter. Gary Sinclair Jr. (RIP), great-grandson.

Mary with Jim (Shepperd Strudwick) Spouses: Jim Matthews (RIP) (married about 1940. Dissolved in March 1975).
Notes: Mary Matthews was last referenced by Mac in fall of 1988. Dwyer was known as "Ginny" among cast and crew.