First Appearance: August 26, 1986
Last Appearance: May 17, 1991
Portrayer: Denise Alexander, August 26, 1986 - February 17, 1989; May 17, 1991.
Arrival: Checked into Reginald Love's purposes for coming to Bay City, Illinois.
Departure: Left to go live in Minnesota with her children.
Introduction Scene: A villa in Paraguay, to a servant, "The beach house?"
Exit Scene: The McKinnon house, to Vince McKinnon, "Come on, kid. Let's hit the road."
Other Aliases: Mary Callahan (maiden name). Marissa LaSalle (alias).
Last Known Whereabouts: Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Other Whereabouts: Paraguay (1969-1986).
Relatives: Kathleen McKinnon, daughter. M.J. McKinnon, daughter. Ben McKinnon, son. Cheryl McKinnon, daughter.

Freeze FrameFreeze FrameSpouses: Vince McKinnon (married on May 25, the mid-1950s (age 17). Divorced in November 1987. Remarried on April 21, 1988).
Lovers: Reginald Love (RIP) (1969-1986).
Flirtations: Jason Frame (RIP) (1988).
Medical History: Had amnesia for 19 years (1969-1988).
Occupation: Social psychologist (earned her degree in Paraguay).