First Appearance: January 21, 1981
Last Appearance: February 12, 1982
Portrayer: Taro Meyer, January 21, 1981 - February 12, 1982.
Departure: Left due to the publishing of Jamie Frame's book, A View Of The Bay.
Introduction Scene: To Ilsa Fredericks, in Ilsa's office, "Mrs. Fredericks? Excuse me. Mr. Dunlap is here to see you."
Exit Scene: At The Connection, talking to Jason Dunlap while carrying a suitcase.
Last Known Whereabouts: New York.
Lovers: Jason Dunlap (RIP) (fiance) (1981).
Flirtations: Sandy Cory (1981).
Former Occupation: Prostitute. Helped manage and performed at The Connection as a singer.