Michael with Lee Randolph (Gaye Huston) First Appearance: February 4, 1966
Last Appearance: February 2, 1967
Portrayer: Gary Pillar (name changed to Gary Carpenter), February 4, 1966 - February 2, 1967.
Arrival: Came to practice law with John Randolph (RIP).
Departure: Left to prevent himself from acting on his feelings for Pat Randolph.
Introduction Scene: In Mitchell Dru's office, "Hello, Mr. Dru."
Exit Scene: Over the phone, to John Randolph (RIP), "Goodbye, John, and thanks very much for calling."
Birthday: Born in 1939.
Last Known Whereabouts: Springfield.
Relatives: Hope Bauer, daughter. Other relatives from originating soap, Guiding Light.
Spouses: Julie Conrad Bauer (RIP, suicide) (dissolved in January 1966).
Dates: Lee Randolph (RIP) (1966-1967).
Flirtations: Pat Randolph (1966-1967).
Medical History: History of viral radiculitis (referenced in May 1966).
Occupation: Lawyer.
Notes: Pillar first assumed the role of Michael Bauer on Guiding Light in February 1963 before crossing over to Another World.

with Bill Matthews