Lionel Johnston


First Appearance: September 4, 1970
Last Appearance: September 25, 1979
Portrayers: Dennis Sullivan, September 4, 1970 - January 1, 1971.
John J. Sullivan, February 18, 1971 - July 26, 1971.
Christopher Corwin, August 31, 1971 - January 3, 1972.
Tim Nissen, January 6 and 7, 1972.
Tom Ruger, April 17, 1972 - June 13, 1973.
Tom Sabota, Jr., September 28, 1973 - May 15, 1974.
Glen Zachar, September 20, 1974 - September 30, 1974.
Christopher J. Brown, January 28, 1975 - June 6, 1975.
Lionel Johnston, September 8, 1975 - September 25, 1979.
Tom Ruger with sister Loriann and mother Departure: Left with Karen Campbell for Florida to get married.
Introduction Scenes: (Christopher J. Brown) Randolph living room to John Randolph, "Oh, hi, Dad. I didn't hear you come in."
(Lionel Johnston) To Marianne Randolph from the other side of her apartment door, "Open up and find out."
Exit Scene: (Christopher J. Brown) In the law office with Jim Matthews and John Randolph about having a dinner party, "Right, Grandpa. See you later, Dad."
Birthday: September 4, 1970 (original).
Last Known Whereabouts: St. Petersburg, Florida.
Relatives: Pat Randolph, mother. John Randolph (RIP), father. Lee Randolph (RIP), half-sister. Marianne Randolph, twin sister. Mary Matthews (RIP), grandmother. Jim Matthews (RIP), grandfather. Alice Matthews Frame, aunt. Russ Matthews, uncle. Josie Watts, cousin. Olivia Matthews, cousin. Janet Matthews, great-aunt. Will Matthews (RIP), great-uncle. Susan Matthews Shearer, second cousin. Bill Matthews (RIP), second cousin. Sarah Matthews Wheeler, second cousin. Gary Sinclair Jr. (RIP), second cousin.
Spouses: Molly Ordway Randolph (married on December 13, 1976. Divorced in May 1978).
Karen Campbell (married on September 26, 1979).
Lovers: Glenda Toland (1975-1976).
Dates: Eileen Simpson (RIP) (1978) and Kate Donovan (1978).
Occupation: Worked at Frame Enterprises in 1977. Lawyer.
Notes: Chris Corwin tells the AWHP: "My clearest memory was of the living room on the set. There was a set of stairs that I was never allowed to climb and finally one day I snuck over to them and saw that they were stairs that led to a non existent second floor. That kind of freaked me out at the time and has always stuck with me. The only other clear memory I have is of the last day I was on the show. The girl that played my twin sister and I exchanged goodbye presents through the windows of our mothers' car. I was quite young at the time and don't have many other memories."